OFC is a mid-high elo team from league of legends, that also branches off in to other games including Blackops, PSO:BB, Console games from Emulators and WoW. OFC is already streaming at livestream, creating a website, and wanting to move on to a better stream hosting site. Currently, we rack in an average of 70 viewers, and because of our upcoming tournaments, and random give-a-ways, we are expecting our viewer base to increase.

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OFC Hokkaido: About Me

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Name: Jake

Age: 19

Alias: Hokkaido or Twin Nova

Hobbies: Cooking, Snowboarding, Gaming, Writing,

Gaming History: Started gaming back in the days of Donkey Kong and Super Mario. It was the best 5th birthday gift at a cowboy themed birthday in the park that I ever had. I remember all those sleepless nights, staying up past my bedtime of 8:00pm on an epic quest to find all those banana's. (That was the point of that game right?) The low graphic, rhino riding madness moved on to that crazy magic school bus game on PC. You all know which one I'm talking about too. We had to find Mrs. Frizzle on a random planet. Great times.

Now I go further into the future. Xbox and Halo. The dawn of a new console era. The hours I spent on that game moved on to Halo 2, where I became on of the few legit level 45+. One of the few to actually get sponsored and sent on an all expense paid trip to Houston Texas by the great people of MLG. My skill with a poorly created FPS again moved on to the wonderful game company of activision. If nobody has sensed my sarcasm in my last sentence, trust me its there. Modern Warfare 2 threw me right into the top 5 ladder the first week, and landed me my first clan division leader.

But, this is the internet, and nobody cares about console gaming. With my first jump into online gaming I made poor choices in games, until one fateful night i stumbled across three games that warmed my heart, mind, and that index finger I click all day with. Those games were Conquer Online, Phantasy Star Online, and Counter Strike. The hours I spent sitting around, drinking Mt. Dew, and wasting away hours is almost unforgettable. But its those three games that I continue to play even now, just for the massive nostalgia it gives me.

Finally my story brings me here, to League of Legends. A Moba like no other. To this day, I ignore all mention of DotA or DotA2, and play on despite the community and bugs that lay waste to your gaming experience on an hourly basis. All the rage, broken mouses (or meece o.o) and the aftermath of every loud swear word and skeletons of computer parts that lay dormant in my room that shows all newcomers the treacherous rode that lies ahead on your way to high elo.

Finale: And now I end this short introduction the only way I know how. The one thing that is required in every multi-paragraph post made on a forum.

tldr; hi


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