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Watch Intercontinetal EMS Matches TODAY! | LoL - League of Legends

Saturday, April 2, 2011
Watch Intercontinetal EMS Matches TODAY! | LoL - League of Legends

Last year, League of Legends made its debut in the Electronic Sports League Major Series, one of the longest running and competitive online tournaments in the world. Europe’s top teams competed over several months for a $5,000 prize pool and in the end SK Gaming emerged as the victors. This year, the ESL Major Series takes the competition international.

Starting this week, Europe and America will compete against each other online using the PvP.net Tournament Realms. The PvP.net Tournament Realms are unique servers with features dedicated to facilitating high profile e-sports events. These tournament realms will be stationed in various locations in the US & Europe to ensure that intercontinental matches are as fair as possible.

And what makes this even more awesome is that you can watch the action live! Yes, European meta vs. American meta … live!

David "Phreak" Turley along with Shaun "Four Court Jester" Delaney will bring you three compelling USA versus European qualifier matches. EU will try defend its home turf, the EU tournament realm, against the American invasion led by SoloMid, OGodBears, and Defy All Odds. These matches will add more fuel to the debate of which continent’s meta game is better and showcase some rising stars in both scenes.

ESL Major Series Season VIII Qualification
(Denmark) Shift vs (US) DaO
Start Time: Saturday 3pm EST - Noon PST
Broadcast: National ESL TV

(Bulgaria) MD Games vs (US) OGodBears
Start Time: Saturday 4pm EST - 1pm PST
Broadcast: National ESL TV

Tune in summoners!


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